Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On Sale Right Now: Swimsuit Sale

This post is particularly odd because it's so cold yall. No seriously it has been consistently in the 30 degree range here in Florida. I know some of my northern readers are laughing at me but Floridians are crying right now. However that didn't stop me from drooling at the bargains on VS swimsuits. For those who are on a new diet, your motivation could be to fit into your new bathing suit. Here are a few of my picks:
Boho floral bandeau: Top-$13.99 Bottom $9.99

Flower-embroidered bandeau: Top-$9.99 Bottom-$9.99

Embroidered sliding triangle: Top-$9.99 Bottom- $9.99

Metallic peacock: Top-$13.99 Bottom-$8.99

These prices are excellent considering how expensive they usually are. I'll maybe order 1 or 2 but we'll see.


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