Friday, January 1, 2010

Black Opal Blemish Control Complexion Bar Review

Try to say the title of this post 5 times fast...I triple dog dare ya. Ok my last Christmas Story quote till next Christmas.

My skin have been doing some really funky things as of late. Not to gross anyone out but let's just say my T-Zone seems to be waging an oily war on my face. My pores are all clogged and to make matters worse my skin is super dry. Seriously, oily and dry at the same time, but I digress. I remember a few years ago I tried the Black Opal Complexion Bar, (which we will simply refer to as "bob" ), because there just wasn't anything else available at the time. I loved the way my skin looked and felt after the wash but this was over 10 years ago. So I went on a mission to find bob because I thought it might help. Mind you I couldn't find this at any of my local african american beauty supply stores but I did at Sally's, go figure.

The packaging is nothing to marvel at. It's made with a cardboard paper combination type thing, very unattractive really. But it's only soap and I placed it in a much more sturdy soap container so no need to spend much time on the horrible wrapping. While lathering, there is a very distinctive smell. I won't say it smells like fields of wild strawberrys, but it doesn't smell like the city dump either. It's just, distinctive. The smell goes away when the face is rinsed so no worries there. It lathers very easily and rinses easily as well. My face feels refreshed and so clean without feeling stripped afterwards. I've used it daily for about a week and there is definitely a difference. My skin is smoother and most surprisingly my dark spots are fading. I have dark spot resulting from my adolescent pimple popping habit. That was a pleasant surprise. I wish I took a pic of the condition of my skin prior to this but I took one today and I will post the before and after next Sunday. So if any of my African readers are looking for a solution for fading dark spots, this may work for you. This retails at my Sally's for $3.29 . If you can't find it locally, it can be ordered online HERE.

I know there are some concerns regarding product reviews on blogs. I did not receive this or any other beauty item on frugalchicdepot complimentary nor was I paid to review the items. This is strictly my personal opinion about this product. In the event an item is sent to me by a company, it will be disclosed in the post. However, it will never influence my opinion on that product.


  1. I'm looking for a better solution to dealing with my blackheads so if you come across a good product, preferably mostly natural ingredients, please let me know. Thanks lady!