Thursday, December 31, 2009

New York and Company Purse Mini Haul

So I went to NY&Co to check out their sale. This trip would have been a complete bust had it not been for all the wonderful purses that were on sale. I only bought purses and 2 belts. It took 2 separate trips to 2 different malls but alas I rose victorious. These were my honorable mentions

Turnlock Hobo Bag  (bought in the medium pink) This doesn't look as plastic in person

Pleated Flap Bag- (shared the love on this one. Bought in plum and teal for me and brown for a friend) This bag is perfect for school. It has just enough room for my text book and I could probably fit my laptop in as well. Sweet

Paneled Stretch Belt- ( Bought in gunmetal...fancy word for silver..ha) This was one that I really just had to have. It's beautiful in person.

That's not all folks. I bought 2 other purses which I'm just in love with. I have to take pics of them to post because I just love them so much and I cant seem to find them online.

SIDE NOTE: One of my readers sent me an email coupon for 30% off in stores as well. Shoot me an email and I will gladly forward this to you. Thanks TH.


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