Sunday, December 6, 2009

If You Like It And It's On Sale: Throw A Belt On It

Yes I am fully aware of how corny the title of this post is. Hey I get corny sometimes..ha . But among the "clever" title, there is a true lesson to be learned. A belt is one of the most important accessories for an outfit. Case in point. I went to Target yesterday for a gift bag, yes a gift bag. Anywho I went to the clothing section to the 75% off rack and there was this dress:

Obviously this dress is too big. 3 sizes too big to be exact.

I had a dilemma!! The size is wrong but the price is oh so right. What to do?!?!?

You guessed it, throw a belt on it

Yes this is the same exact size dress. I just grabbed a belt prior to fitting to test how I liked it. Now this probably won't work if you're a size 8 and want to buy a size 16 however it will in most reasonable cases. Some dresses based on the design cuts will not be forgiving when it comes to "belting", but you won't know until you try.


  1. that's always my solution for loose fitting garments. that dress looks great on you!

  2. Great idea...Especially since I really like some of my maternity clothes even though I'm no longer preggo =)

  3. Thanks Niki.

    I sometimes browse in the maternity section for sales items since maternity clothing is no longer frumpy looking. It's very stylish these days.

  4. That's usually what I do for everything...Throw a belt on it!!

  5. LOL that's my new solution for ill fitting clothes. BTW I love your blog!!!!