Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Macys One Day Sale Tomorrow

Oh how I love this savings pass, let me count the ways. This shopping trip should not be solo. Why? Because you can only use 1 pass per check out. The pass is $10 of $25 or more purchase. That means if you but $60 worth of goodies you only get $10 off. But, if you have friend #1 you each will split the items and thus saving $20 on everything instead of $10. Yes this is a very simple concept but so many, including myself just forgets. If you must go alone, then maybe try to split your purchases so you can take full advantage of the savings pass.
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Click Here to print the pass.


  1. I got the shopping pass in this Sunday's paper and I went into the Macy's in my city which is pathetic! The shoe department is wack compared to the one I visited in Brooklyn and don't come no where near close to the on 34th street. Very disappointed with the selection at my Macy's down here! I wanted to use that get $15 off of $50 pass but I didn't see one thing I liked in there.

  2. Mine was prob even more pityful!!! Nothing special at wall. So disappointed :(