Saturday, February 20, 2010

Simple Look on Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of those chicks you just love or loathe. I happen to love her style, well most of the time. Granted she makes some risky and lets be honest, stripper attire, but hey she was a stripper. What can you expect? Her body is banging and I really like her hair. But anyway while reading one of my fave gossip blogs, YBF, they spotted Mrs. Kanye West at the Laura Smalls fashion show, and boy did she look AH-mazing. The one-shoulder trend in definatley in this season.

Here are some more affordable options that may provide the one shoulder look you may be looking for.

(t-b) Victoria's Secret- $69, Victoria's Secret- $69, Asos- $48.28
And just as a bonus, I like these shoes that may work well with any one of these dresses. I really like black and gray together. I think it's a very classic look. So naturally now I'll be on the hunt for gray pumps since unfortunatley I currently do not own a pair.

(t-b) DSW-$34.95, Alloy-$29.90


  1. I don't really dig Amber style choices though she is a amazing beautiful women, but I love this dress. I been staking this one shoulder dress on ebay and missed out on the bid because I fell asleep. I also just bought some gray pumps from Bamboo last week and just posted them on my blog, so it kinda crazy that you posted those pumps from Bamboo. Great fashion minds are always on the same page. LOL

  2. I totes rocked the one shoulder look in my Saturday post! LOVE it!

  3. @ Joann: Ebay upsets me some time for that exact reason.."you snooze you lose" grrrr :( I went looking for these pumps today with no success guess I'll have to get them online.
    @ Kristin: that color looked great on you and thanks for the heads up on those flutes. They're so chic!