Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally. My Thigh High Boots!

I was on a mission to find the perfect pair of thigh high boots to take on my trip to Atlanta. I means seriously, I went everywhere! In person and online. I was apprehensive to buy them online in fear of getting ill fitting ones. So I went to Off Broadway Shoes at one of my local malls and there it was. These babies

They are the Baby Phat Sarah. They retail at this particular location for $159.60. It was reduced to $69.90. It was in the clearance section so I got an additional 30% off. So grand total was $48.72. I was excited about this because I had budgeted to spend up to $100 if the shoe was right.

I wore it with a black JLo peacoat, black leggings and a gray and black shirt from F21. I also wore it to a nightclub as well. Next time i'm in the "A", I be wearing these again in some other way.


  1. Cute ensemble, the boots are bad...I had to look and then turn away quickly, since i am a boot freak I would be trying to figure out how I could squeeze these into my already tight budget.

  2. I got lucky. I find that most of the really nice ones are out of the "frugal' range. They'll come up though.