Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Sale Right Now:

Aldo has a pretty decent sale going on right now. Prices online already reflect the additional clearance. These are my top 4 picks of the bunch:

1. FROWILL- $49.99
2. FRINELI- $44.99
3. FARILDOR- $24.99
4. FROGRES-$44.99
These are actually some very steep discounts considering what the orginal prices were.


  1. Aldo has good sales on-line from time to time, I just hate that their shoes run a 1/2 to a whole size small and they seem like they run super narrow as well. I believe that the Aldo store will match the on-line price too. I like the style they offer but I have to do a open toe or heel shoes since all of their shoes have a European cut.

  2. You hit it 100% on this. I own 1 pair from Aldo and honestly I think I wore it like twice.