Monday, March 1, 2010


I must be living under a rock, but I've never been to Loehmann's before. I visited their website and found out about the sale that  was running this weekend. So I drove to the next county just to see what the buzz was. All clearance items have an additional discount. Depending on the clearance price, that item will cost $1,$5,$10,$15 etc. For example (this is my lame attempt at remembering the specifics so actual price range may be different, should have written it down sorry) If the clearance tag is from $1-$8.98 you pay $1. If clearance is between $9.98-$16.98 you pay $5 etc. Get it?
I walked out with 4 items, a dress , jeans, skirt and a pair of shoes (naturally).

These shoes are by BCBG, got them for $20.
The dress was a simple wrap by Alice+Olivia marked down to $15. Jeans was Buffalo by David Bitton marked down to $20 from $128.
I didn't spend much time browsing outside of the clearance section but I did see some deep discount on designer duds. Seriously, 7forallmankind jeans were marked down as low as $89 from $298!!!! The price itself may not be considered "frugal" but the savings is. Something really did upset me on this trip though:

This image of perfection was on sale for $25 but they only had 3 of them there and none were in my size range. :( They can be found at for $74.99. I'm going to another Loehmann's later today to try my luck again. Maybe they'll have these pumps.


  1. You and me bth hunny. Still hunting for the Guess shoes.

  2. Sounds like they had some good deals. If you have a Off Broadway Shoes in your city, they have those Guess shoes.

  3. I have quite a few around here. I'll check.