Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Snaps at Burlington Coat Factory

I'm trying out new ways to update my post more frequently. Usually when I go out on the road, I'll take my camera with me, as long as I can remember it that is. Today I thought why not try out my Blackberry for these on the whim pics. There are many times when I see cute little items and I won't post them because I don't have my camera or it’s inconvenient to snap a pic. So this is my 1st attempt at using my electronic bff, my BB (Blackberry) as a new blogger tool. I'll be trying out the text message posting option as well. Anyway on to the goods. I saw this coat for my little princess and I just couldn't say no. This pic doesn't do any justice to how fab this coat is.

It was $29.99 and I paid full price (GASP!!!!) At much as it almost killed me to do it. I had to buy it. I even walked around the store before picking it up so it wasn't an impulse purchase. It's nice and warm for our trip to London next month.

I just happened to spy these awesome pair of Dollhouse shoes priced at $24.99. I so would've bought them in each color however with the purchase of the coat and other items I couldn't swing it. Dang it!

If these tickle your fancy then you can buy them directly from Dollhouse HERE for $28.99 for the blue and $38.99 for the Pewter.

Sidenote: Not a bad job BB :)