Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Sale Right Now:

Aldo has a pretty decent sale going on right now. Prices online already reflect the additional clearance. These are my top 4 picks of the bunch:

1. FROWILL- $49.99
2. FRINELI- $44.99
3. FARILDOR- $24.99
4. FROGRES-$44.99
These are actually some very steep discounts considering what the orginal prices were.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Starting to Love!

I'll be on vacation to much much cooler climates starting the 1st week of April. So I've been desperately hunting coats not just for me but for my 3 year old chica as well. So I went to per a recommendation from a co-worker to find what I need. I actually bought these a few weeks ago but I got my second order with them just now and I feel inspired to do a post about them and the bargains.

It's like Christmas all year round when I get my online orders. When I received the box, I was convinced they missed one of the coats. There was just no way both of them fit in this little box. With that said, all the items were impeccable packaged and included hangers. So what did I get?

Giacca Women's Asymmetrical Short Wool Coat- $47.99  (in royal)

Kenneth Cole Women's Satin Coat- $46.99 (in black)

I think one of the most valuable features of is the consumer reviews.( the $2.95 s&h doesn't hurt either) . I read over each review very carefully not just for these coats but for all the ones that were available in my price range. And being the good shopping citizen I am, I left my review as well. These are my posting about each item that I posted to, typos and all (oops, sue me, lol)
Re: the Kenneth Cole:  "I love this coat. It's so warm and comfy. It has that classic look which I expect from Kenneth cole. My only peeve would be the zipper. I had to reallt stuggle to get it unhook at the bottom of the zipper. Detachable faux fur hoodie is very chic not overbearing. I bought a medium which is my usual size. It's true to size so if you're thinking of layering, then get a size up."
Re: the Giacca: !st I just love the color. Everyone that sees me just comments on how great the blue color is. My only complaint would be the fit. It's not aas form fitting as I would like but it does lend some room to layering underneath. Definatley worth the price.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally. My Thigh High Boots!

I was on a mission to find the perfect pair of thigh high boots to take on my trip to Atlanta. I means seriously, I went everywhere! In person and online. I was apprehensive to buy them online in fear of getting ill fitting ones. So I went to Off Broadway Shoes at one of my local malls and there it was. These babies

They are the Baby Phat Sarah. They retail at this particular location for $159.60. It was reduced to $69.90. It was in the clearance section so I got an additional 30% off. So grand total was $48.72. I was excited about this because I had budgeted to spend up to $100 if the shoe was right.

I wore it with a black JLo peacoat, black leggings and a gray and black shirt from F21. I also wore it to a nightclub as well. Next time i'm in the "A", I be wearing these again in some other way.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston at the Premier of Bounty Hunter

My my my my my..WOW. I think Jenifer Aniston pulled this look off flawlessly. The draping on the dress fits her slender frame perfectly. The theme of this look was simple, simple hair, simple dress, simple make-up, and simple accessories. My only peeve on this is the length of this dress. I wish it was hemmed just a little bit, not too much, but I guess that's the look she was going for. What do you guys think about the dress?

I found some short dress drape options that I love

(l-r) Macys- $38, ASOS- $59.83, ASOS-30.77

Monday, March 15, 2010

On Sale Right Now: has some great deals right now on quite a few pairs. These are my top frugal picks. Click HERE to see the additional women options.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shopping For Your Life

I saw this video while browsing one of my daily reads. I just really can't believe the madness. Here's the description: They waited for hours on the opening of the new clothing store and then spilled inside, destroying everything. The protagonists of this video footage taken during the inauguration of the first H&M store in Toulouse, France, are all customers waiting to buy the limited edition collection of garments designed by Sonia Rychiel for the Swedish chain.

Now I love H&M as much as the next....

But is it really that serious to endanger your life just to say you were 1st?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to Florida

I just returned from a fabulous girls trip to Atlanta, Ga. I had a great time there. Regular posting will resume shortly. Until then enjoy a few pics of the trip.

The trip started a little rocky. Thankfully we all were just fine and we kept it moving.

Historic homes on quaint streets.

Atlantic Station

A few rap artist, Ludacris and Lil Scrappy (sidenote: I'm live streaming 107.9 Atlanta and Ludacris just happens to be in the radio studio)

Downtown Atlanta.(check out the traffic) grrrrr

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Snaps at Burlington Coat Factory

I'm trying out new ways to update my post more frequently. Usually when I go out on the road, I'll take my camera with me, as long as I can remember it that is. Today I thought why not try out my Blackberry for these on the whim pics. There are many times when I see cute little items and I won't post them because I don't have my camera or it’s inconvenient to snap a pic. So this is my 1st attempt at using my electronic bff, my BB (Blackberry) as a new blogger tool. I'll be trying out the text message posting option as well. Anyway on to the goods. I saw this coat for my little princess and I just couldn't say no. This pic doesn't do any justice to how fab this coat is.

It was $29.99 and I paid full price (GASP!!!!) At much as it almost killed me to do it. I had to buy it. I even walked around the store before picking it up so it wasn't an impulse purchase. It's nice and warm for our trip to London next month.

I just happened to spy these awesome pair of Dollhouse shoes priced at $24.99. I so would've bought them in each color however with the purchase of the coat and other items I couldn't swing it. Dang it!

If these tickle your fancy then you can buy them directly from Dollhouse HERE for $28.99 for the blue and $38.99 for the Pewter.

Sidenote: Not a bad job BB :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


I must be living under a rock, but I've never been to Loehmann's before. I visited their website and found out about the sale that  was running this weekend. So I drove to the next county just to see what the buzz was. All clearance items have an additional discount. Depending on the clearance price, that item will cost $1,$5,$10,$15 etc. For example (this is my lame attempt at remembering the specifics so actual price range may be different, should have written it down sorry) If the clearance tag is from $1-$8.98 you pay $1. If clearance is between $9.98-$16.98 you pay $5 etc. Get it?
I walked out with 4 items, a dress , jeans, skirt and a pair of shoes (naturally).

These shoes are by BCBG, got them for $20.
The dress was a simple wrap by Alice+Olivia marked down to $15. Jeans was Buffalo by David Bitton marked down to $20 from $128.
I didn't spend much time browsing outside of the clearance section but I did see some deep discount on designer duds. Seriously, 7forallmankind jeans were marked down as low as $89 from $298!!!! The price itself may not be considered "frugal" but the savings is. Something really did upset me on this trip though:

This image of perfection was on sale for $25 but they only had 3 of them there and none were in my size range. :( They can be found at for $74.99. I'm going to another Loehmann's later today to try my luck again. Maybe they'll have these pumps.