Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cover Girl Exact Highlights Eye-Brighting Mascara

I was at work tonight speaking with my co-worker about one of our accounts and my eyes caught her eyes and I was immediately curious. I proceeded to ask her if she was wearing falsies (fake eye lashes) and to my astonishment, she wasn't. Seriously, her lashes almost touched her eyebrows! Ok, gross exaggeration here but it was that serious. I asked her what mascara she uses and she whipped this baby out of her purse

She had the black gold tube and she loves it. I'm currently in love with the Lash Blast line by Cover Girl, but I’m curious about this one now. This product claims to make you "get 4x brighter eyes". I cannot say I noticed her eyes being any brighter but the length was awesome. There was not a single clump on her lashes. It worked almost like a good bra, lift and separate. No doubt I’ll be watching the sales ad for this. Anyone have any experience with this mascara?


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