Friday, November 13, 2009

Working On My Blogroll

I enjoy reading blogs just as much as I enjoy penning mine. My inspiration to write my own came from seeing how much work and dedication other bloggers put into sharing their knowledge and passion. I read blogs about fashion, beauty, money issues, parenting, cake baking and decorating (my secret passion), dancing (my not so secret passion) and even sexuality. I really appreciated the blogroll on other blogs because it of course led me to other great blogs. I didn't want to just post the links; I wanted to sort of tell why I liked that particular blog. So look out for more of them in the future. These are not done in any particular order. I hope you can appreciate them.


What it's about: Thebudgetbabe is about, just as the banner states "Fab without a fortune".

Why I love it: This blog always brings the latest high fashion items with a frugal twist. It illustrates what hot in the fashion world and dissects it for us, the less fashion forward, us, the little people. I especially love the dress by number segments and I look forward to the beauty review portions as well. The blog is well written while not being too wordy. I check this blog daily and I truly enjoy reading it.


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