Saturday, November 21, 2009

Working On My Blogroll


What it's about: Fashion bargains and everyday style.

Why I love it: Oh my where do I begin. Let's start at her feet. Her shoe style is ridiculous. Now I've read this blog from the very beginning of it and I have not seen 1 pair of shoes that she owns and I don't say to myself "I really hate her." Our shoe styles are so similar and I love the way she pairs it with her outfits. Speaking of which, she knows her body. The pieces she picks always show her curves off in the best way. She claims to be "40 something", I however think she's more in her 30's. Her style is very modern and chic.Love it


  1. Thank you sweetie for the shout out! I appreciate it. I was ROTFLMAO at that "I really hate her", thats what I say when I visit blogs like Karla's Closet and see her insane shoe game and the clothes, hate that heffa! LOL. Thinking to myself, what kinda job she got or who footing her bills, some rich mommy-daddy thing! For real!

  2. LOL I went to it today and you were right. Dang it I need another job to front for my shoe habits.

  3. I have to agree with you all the way....I love her blog!!

    And I always wonder what the the heck kind of job does Karla from Karla's closet have to own such a great shoe collection!