Friday, November 13, 2009

Gone Too Soon

I can't begin to express my sadness right now. I've lost another friend this week and I’m truly saddened by the whole ordeal. He succumbed to his illness and was finally set free. I really want to just take the time and encourage us all to reflect on life and try our best to do exactly what it is that we love. Do the things we love, and most importantly love the people we love. Too often time goes by and calls are never made or visits are never made etc. We say I'll come by next week or I'll call next time when I'm not too busy. The truth is time is not on our side. We should be more diligent to enjoy our passions and share them with others. In light of every thing that’s happening I will not be updating this weekend. I have a post scheduled for midnight tonight so that will go as scheduled. I ask that every keep my friends family in your thoughts and my family as well. We too are trying to cope with our loss. Thank You


  1. (((hugs))) sorry for your loss each day it's so important for us to be grateful

  2. (((Hugs))) Love you. He'll be watching over everyone like Jason & Mike hun. Sad, but you're so strong. Love you. <3