Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Reveiw: Revlon Naturally Chic Press On Nails

I found myself struggling this weekend to do everything that I needed to do before I left for my trip. This included getting my nails done. I remember reading some reviews about Revlon's press-on nails and felt it was a good time to try them out.

I got the short French tip pack. It comes with 36 tips, glue, manicure stick and a file. The instructions say to buff your nail then apply glue to tips and apply pressure( i'm paraphrasing here). I recommend getting some help on this. Simply because it'll be easier to get the air bubbles out. I found that applying more glue than what may be required, reduces the air bubbles, however it encouraged a messier finish.

This is it semi finished prior to be cleaning the edges and removing excess glue. My nail beds felt sore for about 2 days after applying these. Maybe I was pressing them too hard, who knows. Once it was all finished I was pleased. Unless someone deeply inspected my nails up close, it wasn't obvious that these were not acrylic nails. They lasted for about 4 days but in all fairness I was using my hands extensively while wearing them. Had I not been doing manual labor they may have lasted about 5-6 days. My favorite part of using this was the way my nails looked upon removal. I don't get acrylic on my nails due to the damage it does to my nails. This left my nails almost at its original state and completely repaired itself by 2 days of it being off. Considering a full set could cost up to $30.00 the $7.59 I spent on this was definitley worth it.


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