Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Me Bodied: Start Of My New Workout Plan

All I hear in my mind is Beyonce's Get Me Bodied over and over and over , you get the point. So I've been not so happy with my physical stature and I've decided to work more diligently to achieve what I want. My issue isn't the number on the scale its more specific areas that I feel can be much better, more toned if you will. Abs, arms and legs will be my main focus. I really want to stick to it this time so I need some help. Any tips suggestions etc from you guys will be awesome.
I need to look super cute while sweating. It can be done. I see people jogging in my community all the time and I love what they're wearing. They are dressed in appropriate work out attire and do I dare say stylish while doing it.


I have yet to see an average looking person modeling workout clothes. Seriously they are already fit so naturally it already looks good on them. I've done some searching and I'll be at my local Ross or maybe TJ Maxx for some quality items.

So on to my game plan.

I've used Pilates before and had awesome results. It helped me to drop my baby weight after my daughter was born. I'm hoping to get similar results this time around. It only requires 3 days a week with 20 minutes each. It wasn't hard at all I just wish they had better music. Hopefully I'll get some proper clothes and sneakers tomorrow so I can take my before pics. If not I'll take some before pics anyway. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it........


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