Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's Buys

As of maybe a little over 2 year ago, I fell in love with shoes. We have since developed a loving respectful relationship. I used to be a flip flop girl and in some ways I still am. At this time I do not own a pair of tennis shoes. I used to have a pair of Air Force 1's that I got as a gift maybe 5 years ago. Well needless to say those shoes have run their course and I had to dispose of them last year. So maybe that will be next "big" purchase, a pair of tennis shoes. Anyway I find it hard to resist a nice pair of quality shoes that are comfortable and inexpensive. Whenever I go to the mall I always stop into Bakers. The average price of a shoe here is around $70.00. The store is not large at all and the shoes on sale are clearly displayed. I have never spent more than $20 per pair in Bakers and I probably never will. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when something that used to cost $80 is marked down $20 and under. So today I walked into Bakers at was greeted by the nice big Sale sign and this is what I got.
Orginal Price $69.95 Paid $10.00

Savings Total :$59.95

No, I didn't need another pair of shoes nor can I think of one outfit in my closet to wear it with, but that's ok. You ever notice whenever you have an event to go to and you rush at the last minute you almost always end up spending more money? Well that is what Frugal Chic Depot is against. This shoe may not be worn for weeks, maybe months, but gauranteed the perfect outfit for the shoe will come. Bakers usually have these types of deals on their shoes. Just 4 weeks ago I bought these shoes to go to the Jamie Foxx concert and I paid $19.95 for them. They were originally $89.95

And here I am in them

Lesson for today: Even if the store seems outside of your budget, try it once or twice. You may be missing out on great bargains.


  1. I love them.. Well put together boo

  2. I always check out the sale sections - I am such a bargain hunter.

    I love those last pair! Wow!

  3. Thank you so much Sheila. You have a couple of pairs in your collection I wouldn't mind acquiring. Thanks for stopping by.