Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unexpected Bargain: Charlotte Russe

I recently visited Charlotte Russe in my local mall in search of accessories. I just so happened to glance over to the shoe section and saw they had shoes on sale for $4.95 and up. So naturally my frugal radar went off and I was able to snag a few pairs. 2 of the pairs I bought were size 8's. I wear a size 9 usually and sometimes 8.5 depending on the designer. I don't think I'll be ok with buying shoes on their website because the sizes seem to vary so much. Anyhow here’s my loot.

Originally Priced at $26.99 each. I paid $4.97 each

Savings Total $66.06


  1. Love them! So cute! Especially the blue & white:)

  2. Glad you like em hun. You need to come window shopping with me. You never know what bargains will come up :)