Saturday, October 3, 2009

Babies have style too!

I have a beautiful 3 year old toddler who I just love to dress up. It may be hard to believe but I shop more for her than I do for me. Her shoe game is crazy right now for one reason only, it's cheaper. Seriously I can get most of her shoes for usually between $2.99 and $10.00 quite easily with the right sale. .Clothes is also fairly inexpensive as well. I try not to spend over $15 on any single item unless it's a designer brand. Every now and then I will feature some buys that I get for her for all my readers who are moms as well.

This one is an order from Target. Total order amount was $60.70. Total Savings was approximately $81.30 plus an additional $18.84 in free shipping.

This order was from Children's Place. Total order amount was $15.25. Total savings was approximately $49.51.


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