Thursday, October 29, 2009

Challenge Days 3 and 4

I had to re-create day 3's outfit after work today due to the camera issues I was having. The only thing I did to the romper was belt it with my fave belt. I didn't wear the flip flops or necklace i'm wearing in this pic on day 3. I wore the same sandals from New York and Company as I did on day 2.

Day 4 was my work outfit.

Cardigan from NY&Co. I forgot where I bought my pencil skirt and booties were purchased at Burlington Coat Factory.


  1. Your outfit is very interesting. However, putting the black new york & company flip flops with the outfit, I don't agree with. Everything else flow together and it works for your body type. I heart the blog!!

  2. Thank you. I just threw on these flip flops after I left work I was too lazy to go find the actual pair of shoes I wore. I wore the same sandals on day 2 and 3.