Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Item, 31 Different Ways

I'm still using the shopping smarter premise behind the items that I pick up. I was so inspired today by an article on USA Today that ran about a month ago. It's about Valerie Elizabeth, a stylist that decided to wear 1 item, a little black dress, for 31 days. She went through items that she already had and created 31 different looks. I was impressed by the way she presented the pieces in ways I wouldn't think of. I picked some of her looks that I really liked
You can check out the article here , the blog entry here and visit her blog here.


  1. She is definitely "getting mileage" out of that dress. I'm soooo not good at that. I wish I was.

  2. OOh me too. As soon as I find a peice that I can work like that, it'll be a personal victory.