Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's the deal with E.L.F. ?

Eyes, Lips and Face otherwise known as ELF, have been on the scene since 2004. ELF offers make-up and make-up accessories for amazingly low prices. Most of their items are just a $1.00 each. I've been reading up on ELF for the last couple of weeks and I’m really curious. I'm always looking for quality products at a lower price than what I'm currently paying. The reviews are mixed when it comes to ELF. Mostly good things, but there are still some concerns such as shipping time frames and items that are missing in the orders. ELF has been featured in Allure, Cosmo, Essence and Glamour just to name a few. So this had me thinking, what’s the deal with ELF? I was too cheap to spring on the shipping charges and the aforementioned shipping issues held back my curiosity, but now my wait is over. ELF is coming to target on November 1. I'm pretty excited about this even though I've never used the product line before. Don't worry; I will be bringing the scoop when it hits the self. Anyone have any experience with the line?


  1. i like elf. the products are pretty decent, but the only thing that's keeping me from ordering from them more often is their shipping charges. i think they charge like $7 or $8 to ship. what if i only want three items? i don't think it would be worth it to me. can't wait until they come to target.

  2. I'm excited. I'll be traveling when it launches but as soon as I get back. Target will be one of my first stops.