Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Eye's On It!

Ok seriously. Holy mother of God. These shoes are pure hotness. I mean nothing but perfection. Leopard print and lace, together in one shoe, my heart cannot take this. This is the Christian Louboutin Bridget. It retails at Barneys for $1795.00.  What the little frugal diva inside of me is going to do, is wait for Steve Madden or Bakers to make a more affordable option and I just may splurge on it.

Here is another version of the shoe retailing at $3325. It's called Bridget Strass. I prefer the Leopard print tho.

Here it is on a few feet:

Keep in mind this shoe makes a huge statement by itself. The outfit worn with this should not be too busy at all. Too many prints may be overwhelming but the right combination will be heart stopping.


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