Friday, October 9, 2009

Money Matters: Sticking to a Shopping Budget

I'm going out of town this weekend with my bestie and I can't wait. It has truly been an extremely difficult time for both us and we need this break desperately. We're going to Orlando this week for some much needed "us" time and also to see Eric Benet perform. I usually visit Orlando 4-6 times annually. My mom and I absolutely love Disney and I’m trying to get my daughter addicted as Anyway Orlando has ample amounts of outlet shopping available. I haven't discussed my obsession with Coach and Dooney and Bourke purses before but let's just say it's unhealthy. When I see these purses deeply discounted, I lose all common money sense. Just thinking of all the temptation I am about to encounter, inspired me to do a post about budgeting.

The easiest way for me to stay on budget while shopping is using good ole cash. This has worked best for me in the past. I have not had a debit card in over 2 years because I found I spent more money on day to day expenses with my debit card. The cash or envelope system is simple. Pick a budget point and only carry that cash on you. Once you're out of cash then all shopping stops. This forces me to be more selective with the items that I do buy and not overspend beyond my means.


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